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Kent Weare, Microsoft Principal Program Manager

The Microsoft Automation Journey

In this session will walk through an end-to-end automation journey including identifying business process bottlenecks, building an RPA solution to improve productivity and enhancing the customer experience using a Chatbot. In this this demo heavy session, Kent will be covering the latest automation capabilities including Process advisor, Power Automate Desktop and Power Virtual Agents

You can find Kent on Twitter @wearsy

Sharon Weaver, Founder/CEO of Smarter Consulting | Microsoft Regional Director and Certified Trainer

I didn’t know Office 365 could do that!

Sure, you know the heavy hitters like Teams, SharePoint and Excel, but what about all of those other apps that are included as part of Office 365? Did you know Microsoft has introduced scheduling for front-line workers? A way to track tasks and schedule meetings without all those emails back and forth? Have you seen the new survey tool? During this session, Sharon will walk you through some of the features you may have missed.

You can find Sharon on Twitter @sharoneweaver

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