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MN365 May 2023 User Group

Building a Professional Modern Intranet using SharePoint Hubs and Viva

Presented by Kim Lund, Managing Principal at RBA Consulting

SharePoint Intranets have radically evolved in the past 5 years. This session’s focus is on the advancements in building an Intranet with SharePoint combined with Viva to help you make your company’s intranet more useful and ready for prime time. My presentation style will mix rich content combined with how-to, best practices, and demonstrations. Topics include: All about hub sites, how to use them and what they deliver, connecting subscriber sites, what templates to use when, leveraging distributed content and pulling it all together using search and web parts, how to use news posts for news and for other creative use cases, configuring Viva Connections to expand the reach of the Intranet into Teams, and using Viva Engage to bring in Yammer posts within Teams and SharePoint

State of Virtual Events in Teams

Presented by Nick Stillings, Sr Customer Success Manager at Microsoft

Join us for an overview of the current state of digital events in Teams. Beyond individual calls and collaborative meetings, events in teams are more structured offerings that drive engagement with customer events, corporate communications events, and large-scale activities with hundreds or thousands of attendees. In this session we’ll review the current state of large, structured Teams Meetings, Webinars in Teams, and broadcast events using Teams. We’ll compare what is possible with the Teams Premium license and the standard offering and review the relevant enablement steps and policy settings in the Teams Admin Center. Finally, we’ll discuss how you can guide your users to the right tool for their use case.

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