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Implementing Microsoft Teams lifecycle governance to stop Team sprawl

Presented by Nikki Chapple​

Description: Microsoft Teams empowers users to collaborate. However without governance it is easy for organizations to create thousands of Teams sites with no clear ownership and no lifecycle. This uncontrolled growth can quickly turn into sprawl resulting in an IT admin headache to manage and lead to user confusion and dissatisfaction as they struggle to identify which is the correct team to use.

You can find Nikki online: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikkichapple/

MDM automation in the absence of MDM automation”

Presented by George Bryant​

Description: Many companies have Master Data Management solutions and they help manage data not held in regular operations systems. On the other side of the fence, many don’t. Other solutions generally, like Teams, SharePoint, Excel and text files. This presentation will walk through some of the simplest examples of data held externally in SharePoint and will walk through how to add them to an Azure environment and ending up in your Power BI dataset and reporting. ​

You can find George online: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrgbryant/

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