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Getting Started with Developing Apps for Microsoft Teams – Download Deck

Christina Wheeler, Principal Solution Architect & Trainer, MVPTwitter: @cwheeler76

Are you a developer interested in learning more about developing apps for Microsoft Teams? If so, this session is for you! In this session, we will dive through the key concepts and guidance for building custom apps for Teams. As well as what’s required in preparing your O365 tenant for developing Teams apps as well as demonstrate how to build an app using App Studio in Microsoft Teams.

Authorize and Automate Teams Guest Access with Surgical Precision – Download Deck

Michael Mukalian, Technical Architect at the Philadelphia MTC Twitter: @mmukalian

Description: Barriers to collaboration always slow down work – whether it be the creation of new collateral to share or collaborating amongst internal and external members of a team, the ability to work together is paramount to a team meeting its goals. Microsoft Teams allows for this by providing the ability to invite external members to collaborate. But what happens when the security story for an organization goes against the Microsoft story for collaborative work? Microsoft provides the ability to turn on/off guest access at the tenant-level, but what about individual Teams? In this session we’ll discuss how we can use the services in the Microsoft cloud to facilitate the provisioning Teams through the Power Platform, SharePoint and the Microsoft Graph, coupled with the relevant security policies – allowing an enterprise to meet their security requirements – and how this breaks down barriers to collaboration.

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