Richard Brynteson
Richard BryntesonSenior UC Architect, Time2Market, MVP Office Servers and Services, MCSM
Workshop: Microsoft Teams to Skype for Business Migration

Level: 200

Description: Explore what are the options for migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.  Learn the scenarios in which you should migrate, what are the potential issues with migration and how to manage co-existence

Mike Maadarani
Mike MaadaraniMCM Consulting, MVP
Workshop: OneDrive Deployment from start to finish

Level: 200

Description: In this workshop we will walk you through the key areas you need to know to help you and your organization to not just deploy OneDrive, but to drive usage and adoption to enable collaboration and teamwork within your organization. We will cover key topics like how to best plan, deploy, manage and secure OneDrive. Learn best practices on how to auto deploy the new sync client using Intune, upgrade your existing groove client, and optimize your OneDrive for better performance. 

Doug Wilson
Doug WilsonSolutions and Product Manager, Now Micro
Workshop: Modern Device Management (With Intune) Workshop

Level: 200

Description: Join us as we will be jumping into Modern Management and what that looks like from and EM+S perspective. Learn about Windows 10 Autopilot, Intune Management, Configuring the Microsoft Store, and even how Windows servicing works during this demo heavy session.

Brian Caauwe
Brian CaauweManager, Avtex (SharePoint MCSM)
Workshop: Breaking out of the SharePoint box with PowerApps and Flow

Level: 300

Description: This session will highlight how to utilize PowerApps and Flow to break out of the SharePoint box and providing native integrations with other services to allow flexibility for your users and the process overall.

Workshop: Auditing Office 365 User Activity

Level: 200 – 300

Description: During this session we will show you how to extract unified Office 365 Audit Log data with Microsoft Flow and show you how to analyze the data leveraging Power BI. With these tools, you can gain insights into usage patterns, service heroes and bad actors to make informed decisions about your deployment.

Pat Petersen
Pat PetersenSupervisor, RSM, MCT
Workshop: Security and Compliance in Office 365

Level: 200

Description: During this workshop, we will explore the Security and Compliance actions available within the Office 365 portal. To begin, we will cover the Secure Score, what it means as well as why you should pay attention to the suggestions. Next, we will cover data governance and items to consider before implementing policies. We will also cover the audit log, multi-factor authentication as well as overview some attack simulations.

Brian Danberry
Brian DanberryOffice 365 Architect
Workshop: O365 Groups demystified

Level: 300

Description: Office 365 Groups is a core component of Microsoft 365 teamwork apps; it’s a membership service providing a single identity for a group of people across Office applications and services. Applications leveraging groups today include: Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Outlook, SharePoint, Planner, Microsoft Stream, StaffHub, Power BI, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This session provides an overview of Office 365 Groups, how to manage and govern them and best practices when using Office 365 Groups.

Matthew Ruderman
Matthew RudermanCollaboration Product Manager
Workshop: M365 Admin Center walk-through

Level: 100 – 200

Description: This session will provide an overview of the M365 admin center and associated admin centers. We will talk about the various admin roles that exist and what those roles provide.

Sean Greenlee
Sean GreenleePremier Field Engineer, Microsoft - MCSE Messaging
Workshop: Exchange Hybrid

Level: 300

Description: A deep dive into the components of Exchange Hybrid including tips on troubleshooting.

Ryan Schouten
Ryan SchoutenSenior Systems Engineer, Office 365; MVP; MCT
Workshop: Creating an Enterprise Video Platform Using Stream

Level: 200

Description: Enterprises are creating more and more video content but few have a good mechanism for sharing these assets with employees. If you are using Office 365 then Microsoft has provided a solution to this problem in Microsoft Stream. Now the problem remains, how do we best setup a solution to be able to enable the consumption of these valuable resources. In this workshop we will discuss: – Features of Microsoft Stream – Setting up Channels/Groups – Live events in all its variations – Creating an executive channel for relaying information to employees Come learn how to best deploy this tool for your organization.

Scott Kyser
Scott KyserManaging Partner - CEO, SkyNorth Software, MSCE (Productivity/Cloud Platform and Infrastructure)
Workshop: The Admins Guide To Controlling Access in O365

Level: 300

Description: In this session you will learn about the new security features of O365.  Conditional Access, Mobile Device Management, and Privilege Identity Management are all very hot topics we will cover in-depth with live demos!

Jethro Seghers
Jethro SeghersProgram Director, SkySync
Workshop: Protecting your Office 365 Data with Microsoft Information Protection

Level: 200

Description: When your information is available in the Cloud, people want to take additional measures to keep their data safe and secure. At the same time, one of the biggest advantages of Cloud Services, is a huge platform for collaboration. With Microsoft Information Protection, we can combine both advantages. Office 365, RMS and Azure Information Protection combined allows a secure platform for collaboration, without compromising the need for security. In this session we will cover the implementation and integration of Microsoft Information Protection with Office 365. We will also discuss the impact of RMS, Azure Information Protection outside the Microsoft ecosystem. In this workshop we will setup Azure Information Protection from the ground up, configure the interaction with the end users, in shot you will be ready to implement this in your organization based on all the best practices available.

Rich Lilly
Rich LillyAssociate Director, Cloud Infrastructure & Security, Netrix LLC
Workshop: Securing O365, the path to success

Level: 300

Description: In this session, we’ll look at some of the core security tooling within O365 and commonly overlooked use cases and tooling. In addition, we’ll discuss how other Microsoft components from the Enterprise Mobility + Security stack help create a more secure O365 environment for internal and external parties.

Doug Splinter
Doug SplinterChief Architect, Microsoft Technology Center at Microsoft
Workshop: Live Office Flash Friday/Ask the Expert

Level: 100-400

Description: In this Workshop you will be able to attend a live broadcast of in studio followed by throw darts at Doug where you will get a chance to ask the Microsoft expert and get his opinion.