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MN Microsoft 365 User Group virtual meeting: August 2023 – Topics include 20 Productivity Tips and an Intro to M365 Tenant Administration

20 Microsoft 365 productivity tips (that you should be using if you’re not!)

Thomas Duff |
Microsoft System Administrator at Cambia Health

In this fun and informative session, Tom Duff will share 20 of his favorite Microsoft 365 and Office productivity tips. These tips will span the entire Microsoft 365 platform (SharePoint, Teams, and the Office suite), and attendees should walk away with at least 3 to 5 gems that can impact your own (and your team’s) productivity.

I have an M365 tenant…Now what?

Stacy Deere | Owner of Focal Point Solutions LLC

Are you the owner of a brand-new Microsoft 365 tenant? Have you inherited a Microsoft 365 tenant from a former colleague? Regardless of the scenario, owning a Microsoft 365 tenant can be very overwhelming with all the different Admin Panels and sections within them. Some take one look and debate if they made the right choice when they agreed to the task.

Either way, it is now yours, so what do you do with it? When the tenant is spun up either by themselves, a sub-contractor, or a licensing company, many assume that it’s fully configured and ready for your company to start loading content and building processes to streamline your organization. Unfortunately, that is not the case in any scenario I have seen. I have been doing security assessments for a number of years, and after a while, I renamed them to a “tenant assessment,” as almost all the environments were still sitting at the default settings. Meaning they hadn’t changed since the day it was spun up.

Yes, this did mean the companies had security issues, but they had that and so much more. With all the compliance and security regulations companies must adhere to, it is essential to know your system and make educated decisions on the many areas of configuration needed within a Microsoft 365 tenant. In this workshop, I will go through all the areas most have never entered, explain why they’re important, and how to configure their settings properly. Security is included with this as well, but it will cover oh so much more.

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